• When should I order my suit?

It's never too early to order your suit. Ordering early secures your place in the production schedule for each show. Ideally, ordering at 10-12 weeks out ensures plenty of time on our end, which is particularly important during peak times of February-June and August-November. 

At this time, we're working in order of deadlines. Depending on when you placed your order, you can expect to receive your suit around 3-4 weeks out from your show. We have found this ensures your suit is fresh for stage, will be closer to properly fitting without putting unnecessary stress on fabric/connectors, and also that you still feel excitement about wearing your new suit. If you feel extreme stress about this deadline, please make a special request to receive an earlier delivery.


 What type of suit cuts do you offer?

Having formally studied fashion design, we work with true custom pattern drafting. This means every suit pattern is made according to your measurements. Although the industry uses language like "Brazilian or pro cut", those actually have different meanings between suit designers, just like regular standard sizes at the mall. Because we draft custom patterns, you won't see standard options on the site, because your suit will be in size YOU! 

The most important restriction is likely with the Men's Classic Physique bottoms and the Women's Bikini bottoms. We are always listening to the association rules, and will draft patterns based on those rules. But please, do your due diligence and stay informed about the rules for your division, as each season they can change. When collecting your measurements, keep the rules in mind. It ultimately is your responsibility to ensure you've measured for the correct amount of coverage.

If you have a special fit request (ie: higher rise to hide C-section scars, more glute coverage for comfort) please inform us when ordering. Measurements alone do not necessarily communicate special needs, so please be clear about these requests. If we don't receive a special request, we will draft according to the current standards.


 How does sizing work?

We use your current weight and goal weight to scale down your suit pattern. It is not intended to fit you except when at stage weight. Therefore, when you receive your suit, the bottoms will probably be slightly tight. This is ok!

If needed, some basic alterations can even be handled by a local seamstress, like changing strap lengths for instance. 

If you order really early, or possibly had a larger change in weight planned, we will sometimes request updated measurements during the construction process.


 How do I decide design details?

It's very important to have the right colour (yes, the boys too!) and also connectors for your features. As experts in the field, we have 8 years bodybuilding judging experience, have formally studied fashion design, and have over a decade of personal stage experience. If you're having trouble choosing the right design details for you, reach out to contact@jaclynwilson.ca and we'll help narrow down the choices. Please include photos, so we can see your features. We are dedicated to helping you be your very best!


 Can I cancel my order after it's placed?

Behind the scenes work commences immediately, therefore, no refunds or transfers can be made on any processed payments. Instead of cancelling, we recommend you complete the order to then have something in hand for the money you've invested. 


 What is your return policy?

Due to the personalized nature of each suit, we do not accept returns. We work hard to ensure each suit fits well, with each pattern custom drafted to your measurements. The information you provide guides the drafting process, so please double check your information or ask for help. We are not responsible for extreme changes in body shape that are not communicated with us, or are too late in production to accommodate for.

It's uncommon for an error to occur, but if you feel we have made a mistake, please reach out immediately. Photos in your suit will be needed, as sometimes it's simply a matter of putting it on correctly.


 Do you alter finished suits?

Once a suit is finished, major alterations are not possible. This is due to the nature of suit construction and the addition of rhinestones. Heavily rhinestoned suits are particularly challenging to alter because stones need removed first before the alteration can be done, and this can sometimes damage the material. Smaller alterations are possible, like swapping connectors or changing how tight the bottom connectors are attached. 

We do not alter the work of other designers. We prefer making any changes to our own suits, and feel other designers appreciate handling their own work as well. If you have purchased a JW Couture suit second hand, and have a small adjustment, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please plan early, as new orders will take priority during the production schedule. 


 Can I change my order?

Depending on where in the process your suit is, it may be possible to make a change in design. There will be a fee associated with making a change, depending on what is requested (ie: change in colour or connector style).

We care about all our clients equally, when there is an unexpected change in one order, it can effect the schedule and workflow of other orders. Although we do our best to make changes in a timely manner, it can cause delays in receiving the finished product. Please note, your suit will be pulled from production until all the details are finalized.


 Where are you located?

Our studio is located downtown in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada. Please note, our studio is open by appointment only to ensure workflow is properly managed.

In person consultations are available if you would like expert help. Email us at contact@jaclynwilson.ca to book a time. We would love to meet you in person!



Still have a question? Just shoot us a message at contact@jaclynwilson.ca