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Posing Trunks

Posing Trunks will be custom made according to measurments you provide. They are made of quality stretch fabrics and will be front lined. Unless requested otherwise, the front will be "V" shaped and the side straps will be approximately 3/4" in width.


Price for custom Posing Trunks is $65 each. Payment is due at time of order, after which we will follow up with the measurement sheet.


We prefer to discuss colour choices together, to ensure a suitable shade for your features. The gallery below displays some previous custom trunks. Please contact us with your ideas (whether shown here or not) we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

Santana Anderson - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro

Jaclyn Wilson Couture - Prejudging Black Lycra

Please note: some fabrics displayed in the gallery have been discontinued and are not longer available

Please research the rules for each show you compete in. Many shows allow any colour or texture for the evening, but some require matte fabrics for morning. A matte black lycra trunk is an example of what is accepted (at any show) for the prejudging round.

Jaclyn Wilson Couture - Santana Anderson (trunks2)