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Men's Physique

Terry Fitzpatrick - NBPFA Competitor

Shorts for Men's Physique will be custom made according to measurments you provide. They are made of quality materials which will be sourced after colours of interest are known. Shorts will have a fully functional fly that contains a zipper, a waistband with tabs, metal grommets and a tie at the front.


We are currently offering 2 general styles. Price for custom Men's Physique shorts in a single colour (as pictured to the left) is $150 each. The waistband of this style can be the same or a different colour from the shorts themselves. Price for the other style of Men's Physique shorts is $190 and includes 3 bands on one of the legs. Photos below show some examples, where the 3 bands can be different or include the colour of the shorts themselves.


A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at time of order, after which we will follow up with the measurement sheet.

Jaclyn Wilson Couture - Terry Fitzpatrick (front)